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(formerly Beiträge zur Zikadenkunde)


Online-Zeitschrift (open access)


Journal of the association
Arbeitskreis Zikaden Mitteleuropas e.V.





Edited by:
AK Zikaden Mitteleuropas e. V.

Editorial office:
Roland Achtziger (Freiberg) (Co-Editor-in-Chief)

Werner E. Holzinger (Graz)
Roland Mühlethaler (Berlin)
Herbert Nickel (Göttingen) ) (Co-Editor-in-Chief)
Werner Witsack (Halle/S.)

Editorial board:
Robert Biedermann (Straubing)
Daniel Burckhardt (Basel)

Michael Wilson (Cardiff)



ISSN (print) 1868-3592  ISSN (online) 2197-0335
Indexed in BIOSIS and Zoological Record



The Journal „Cicadina“ (formerly „Beiträge zur Zikadenkunde“) is a forum for covering the fields of ecology and biology, systematics and taxonomy as well as zoogeography and faunistics, published in German or English. It focuses on Fulgoromorpha (planthoppers), Cicadomorpha (leafhoppers) as well as on Psylloidea (jumping plant lice) and other groups which are associated systematically or ecologically. So far 17 issues and 1 supplement volume were published (see below and archive). With issue 13 (2013) the journal is an open access journal hosted by the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany).


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Responsible: Roland  Achtziger

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